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Ceretto - Dolcetto d'Alba - Rossana label
Ceretto - Dolcetto d'Alba - Rossana bottle

Ceretto - Dolcetto d'Alba - Rossana 2017

Red Wine

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Item# 83527-17


Rossana is a splendid plot on the outskirts of Alba, historically recognized as one of the toponyms of excellence for Dolcetto. From this variety are born what can be considered the daily wines par excellence, the ones that best match the dishes of rural Piedmontese cuisine. It is to give voice to this exhibition need that we have chosen the path of a classic vinification, capable of enhancing the primary characteristics of this splendid grape. Space, therefore, for the exclusive use of steel in the production process in order not to contaminate the bouquet, which remains straightforward and pleasantly vinous, and particular attention to the deliberately short macerations, designed to contain the exuberance of tannin (normally vigorous for Dolcetto).


Among the infinite rows of vines that run across the undulating hills of Piedmont are the four wineries of Ceretto, a wine and spirits company in its third generation. Founded by Riccardo Ceretto in 1937, the highly respected firm is now run by his sons, Bruno and Marcello (dubbed the “Barolo Brothers”) who in the 1960s began raising Ceretto’s profile and expanding its holdings. Now their sons and daughters are at the helm of the Langhe DOC company, which holds a total of 120 hectares of land that are the birthplace of an array of elegant still wines, sparkling wines, dessert wines, and spirits.

Technical data

Name: Dolcetto d'Alba DOC
Variety: 100% Dolcetto
Hectares: 8.65 ha
First year of production: 1969
Label designer: Silvio Coppola, year 1980