Roureda - Llicorella Gran Seleccio label
Roureda - Llicorella Gran Seleccio bottle

Roureda - Llicorella Gran Seleccio 2016

Red Wine

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Item# 98098-16

Product Ratings

Vinous Media 91pt
Penin Guide 91pt


1 of only 2 Spanish DOQ. Today the Qualified Designation of Origin Priorat is one of the world’s most prestigious wine-producing regions. It is unique. It is sublime. It is pure magic. DOQ Priorat is located in the centre of Catalonia, in an unpopulated and inhospitable area.

The vines grow in poor, rocky soils. They are planted on mountain slopes, in terraces at an altitude of between 100 and 700 meters above sea level. Most of the land in Priorat is composed of silica slate, known by the locals as “llicorella”, and it is the llicorella that gives Priorat wines their unique character. Average production per vine is often less than 1 kg, and this confers excellent properties upon the grapes, which become pure gold in the hands of a good winemaker.

Food matches

Goes well with red meats, game, roast lamb, pork or beef and cured and blue cheese.


A rugged region with sharp relief, in which the grapes are grown on terraces and on the mountain sides or “costers”. The earth is the distinctive element of this region, and is stony and poor with a volcanic constitution, formed by thin layers of slate or “llicorella”, that retain little water, giving the wines produced in this region a marked mineral character. The Mediterranean climate is extremely dry, with sharp contrasts in the temperatures during the day and at night.