Matilda Nieves - Mencia label
Matilda Nieves - Mencia bottle

Matilda Nieves - Mencia 2020

Red Wine

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Item# 97291-20

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Decanter 97pt


Matilda Nieves Mencía is crafted by the prestigious Bodegas Rectoral de Amandi winery. Commissioned by the famous local artist Pablo Guerreo, "We try to transmit the magic and elegant spirit of Mencía from the Ribeira Sacra. The mystery of a territory where the forest is a constant presence." All grapes are hand-picked, macerated and fermented with native yeasts, in contact with the skin of the grape for 15-20 days in stainless steel tank. Stabilized and bottled, thus obtaining a wine rich in aromas and complexity. 100% Mencia.

The label features a wood fairy on her swing, surrounded by the idyllic forests of the Ribeira Sacra, she leaves behind a tail of flavors evoking the unmistakable nuances of Mencía. The wine is named after one of the founder’s granddaughters, Manolo Arnoya, and made at the Rectoral de Amandi winery.